After almost 15 years of successful operation, Wardle Daley Bernstein Bieber LLP has closed its office effective January 1, 2018.  The Partners and Associates of the firm can now be reached as follows:

Peter Wardle: Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP, 416-585-8604

Helen Daley: Helen A. Daley, Barrister and Solicitor, 647-401-3081

Daniel Bernstein: Ontario Securities Commission, 416-593-8314

Simon Bieber: Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP, 416-351-2781

Paul Guy: Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP  416-304-0538

Jamie Gibson: Ontario Securities Commission, 416-593-8314

Julia Wilkes: Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP, 416-351-2790

Nathaniel Read-Ellis: Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP, 416-351-2789

Michael Finley: Gowlings LLP, 416-369-6690

Alex Fidler-Wener: Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP, 416-351-2791

Iris Graham: Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP, 416-351-2793

Evan Rankin: Pape Barristers Professional Corporation, 416-364-8755

For all inquiries regarding billing, accounts payable, and related matters, please contact Jan Simms at



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